My love for language has driven me to attempt to use and appreciate it both verbally and in written form. Being multilingual, I love the nuances each language possesses and how deeply it is linked with the people and places where it is used.

Thus, this blog is an attempt to combine two of my favourite things – language and travel.

After migrating to Australia, I was lucky enough to be employed by an Israeli family for two years, who welcomed me into their home and lives. In those two years I made friends from Israel who grew to become a part of my family, while I became a part of theirs. While this was seen by a lot of people as unusual for a moderately conservative Muslim girl like me, it taught me the value of separating people from politics. It helped me appreciate their culture, food and even the similarities between us.

As a traveller, I am interested in exploring cultures and how places relate to people. So Israel was an obvious option when it came to choosing a country specialisation, as a visit there is more than overdue. It is important to me to show multiple facets of this Jewish state, and explore how many faiths and communities coexist.


While working with and for Israelis, I picked up a few Hebrew phrases here and there. Knowing that it can be a difficult but beautiful language, and also having learnt Arabic (another important language in Israel) at university, I decided to introduce an element of language into this blog. This will not only help me but hopefully will help others wanting to travel to Israel, and immerse themselves among Israelis. What better way to travel smarter than finding a way to their heart and lives through their mother tongues.





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