What’s mine is not yours

It is impossible to write a blog about Israel without addressing the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Despite lasting over a century, the attacks and its consequences have not stopped affecting the people of this region.

The history of this issue is extremely complicated and I have yet to meet two people who agree on the ‘facts’. As I understand it, Palestine was an Arab state where Jews had started settling as early as before World War 1. While violent attacks had occurred between Arab nationalists and Zionists (Jews who believed in a Jewish state), things did not escalate until after World War 2.

Holocaust survivors from the War needed a home and a more stable way of life after the horrors they had survived. Thus, the UN passed the now infamous Resolution (181) II to split the British mandate of Palestine, that has arguably led to the current state of disruption.

Growing up in a Muslim country, I was always encouraged to sympathise with the Muslims – the Palestinians. Today, after understanding the situation on my own, I still sympathise with them and believe they are incredibly disadvantaged. The majority of them have not only been uprooted from their homes, but have had to suffer the loss of loved ones and a life of constant terror. With the backing of the international communities, Israel has the advantage of being more powerful globally, economically and militarily.


However, a critical evaluation of the issue, and after being lucky enough to have experienced the warmth and friendship of some incredible Israelis, it is impossible for me to blame a whole nation for these atrocities. It is important to establish that decisions made by a government isn’t necessarily a reflection of each and every citizen.

Iconic viral image usually followed by caption – COEXIST

I will stand with every Palestinian who is wronged, but I will also dine and laugh with my Israeli friends. A lot of whom have lost people to the war, and most of whom can’t wait for it to end.



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